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Microfluidics Electrowetting platform ( Anglais)Électronique - 20-01-2021

Microfluidics Electrowetting platform

Microfluidics is an area of research based on the manipulation of small fluid volumes on the order of microliters or nanoliters. I designed µDropplet, an inexpensive plateform with an 8×8 array of electrodes driven by a high voltage to experiment with various microfluidics techniques and materials. This article describes the design, usage and some tests results obtained with this system.

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3D Lidar Scanner MK2 ( Anglais)Électronique - 14-10-2020

3D Lidar Scanner MK2

This 3D Lidar improves on my previous Lidar project with a better mechanical design to achieve much faster scanning rate and higher resolution. It relies on a mirror to scan the beam around the room, and has not moving electronic part. This article describes the design, construction and usage of this sensor.

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Radio Astronomy Basics ( Anglais)Électronique - 07-09-2020

Radio Astronomy Basics

Radio astronomy is the study of celestial objects at radio frequencies. An amateur astronomer with a very simple and inexpensive setup can perform some interesting measurements. This article describes my Ku band setup and some experiments we can do with it.

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Hairpin filter design ( Anglais)Électronique - 05-07-2020

Hairpin filter design

Electronic filters are circuits which remove unwanted frequency components from the signal to enhance wanted ones. The hairpin topology is a microstrip band-pass filter for the gigahertz band (UHF). They can be very useful with SDR to improve the reception. This article features a Javascript generator for these. It also shows their design and my results.

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Acoustic beamsteering with a speaker array ( Anglais)Électronique - 14-03-2020

Acoustic beamsteering with a speaker array

Beamforming is a signal processing technique to get a directionnal signal transmission from an array of emitters. By controlling the relative phase and amplitude difference between the elements, we can shape the emission/reception pattern according to our needs. For this project, I designed, built and measured a phased linear array of speakers.

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Reaction Wheel Attitude Control ( Anglais)Électronique - 28-11-2019

Reaction Wheel Attitude Control

Reaction wheels are a way for spacecrafts such as the Hubble Space Telescope to achieve 3-axes attitude detumbling and control. It uses the conservation of angular momentum. For this project, I made a model of a satellite with a reaction wheel to demo the effect and play with the parameters/control algorithm.

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Shablocks - Electronic modular lab ( Anglais)Électronique - 22-09-2019

Shablocks - Electronic modular lab

Shablocks is a modular and compact electronic lab system. It is made of open-hardware blocks: variable power supply, oscilloscope, component tester, etc. Everything can be assembled on the go to fit your needs.

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OpenEMG Arduino Sensor ( Anglais)Électronique - 18-06-2019

OpenEMG Arduino Sensor

Electromyography (EMG) is an electrodiagnostic medicine technique for evaluating and recording the electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles. OpenEMG is a project I started to make an open-hardware, easy to make, EMG module to capture muscle information from Arduino or any other micro-controller.

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3D-printed prosthetic hand ( Anglais)Électronique - 06-04-2019

3D-printed prosthetic hand

The human hand is made up of a total of 27 individual bones connected by joints and ligaments, and operated by muscles situated in the hand and wrist. This project's objective is to mimic it and build an open-harware fully 3D-printed prosthetic hand.

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EDF motor design ( Anglais)Électronique - 19-02-2019

EDF motor design

Electric ducted fans (EDF) are an efficient way of producing thrust for an aircraft. However, there are a lot of variables that can be fine tuned to optimize their performance: body curves, fan blade pitch, duct length, number of fan blades, etc. Using both simulation and experimental results, the objective of this small project is to enhance the thrust per input Watt of my design.

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Homemade PCB manufacturing ( Anglais)Électronique - 21-10-2018

Homemade PCB manufacturing

Homemade PCB manufacturing is a great way to get inexpensive board prototypes with no delay. In this article, I show the method I came up with to get reliable, fast and precise PCBs with no headaches using a 3D printer, a permanent marker and any etchant.

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S3D Evolved - compact 3D printer ( Anglais)Électronique - 20-07-2018

S3D Evolved - compact 3D printer

S3D Evolved is an open source 3D printer that is both reliable, compact and inexpensive to build. Its 100x100x100mm build volume and robust frame means that it can be transported easily, while being sufficient for most of your prints.

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ECE3SAT - Helmholtz Coils ( Anglais)Électronique - 11-02-2018

ECE3SAT - Helmholtz Coils

For my end-of-study project at ECE Paris, I worked on the ECE3SAT project, a student project developed at the french engineer school, ECE Paris. The goal of the project is to send a CubeSat in space to verify a physical theory permitting a fast deorbiting, to mitigate the exponential growth of space debris.

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Micro Laser Machine ( Anglais)Électronique - 10-02-2018

Micro Laser Machine

This compact laser engraving CNC machine can burn on wood and most materials. It is upcycled with CD/DVD drives from old computers. It is a fairly easy machine to build and use, thanks to the open-source control software LaserGRBL.

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3D Lidar Scanner ( Anglais)Électronique - 28-10-2017

3D Lidar Scanner

As a 3-day project, I created this 360° lidar scanner using a Garmin™ LIDAR-Lite v3. With its data acquisition and visualisation code, this turret can generate a fairly accurate 3D point cloud that we can import in CAD software. The source-code and some design details are available in the article.

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Contrôle de prises DiO avec ArduinoÉlectronique - 01-08-2017

Contrôle de prises DiO avec Arduino

DiO est une gamme d'équipements de domotique radiocontrolés en 433MHz. Cet article détaille l'installation et l'utilisation d'une bibliothèque Arduino que j'ai développée pour pouvoir interagir très facilement avec ces modules.

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Mon processeurÉlectronique - 18-04-2017

Mon processeur

A la suite de mon apprentissage du langage de description hardware VHDL, j'ai développé mon architecture processeur en partant de zéro. Cet article retrace toutes les étapes de ce projet open-source.

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