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Irish Whistle Tab - Android app ( Anglais)Informatique - 24-05-2020

Irish Whistle Tab - Android app

Irish Whistle Tabs is an open-source Android app to learn to play the tin whistle. It features hundreds of traditional Celtic tunes (jigs, reels, polkas, ballads, etc.). In this article, I showcase my app, and go into more technical details on the inner working.

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Breaking Passwords with a Microphone ( Anglais)Informatique - 27-12-2019

Breaking Passwords with a Microphone

Each key on a keyboard makes a slightly different, unique sound. In this article, I explore the possibilty of extracting keypresses and passwords from audio recordings using digital signal processing and machine learning with a Python proof-of-concept script.

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Electromagnetic interference mapping ( Anglais)Informatique - 22-04-2019

Electromagnetic interference mapping

Mapping near-field electromagnetic parasitic emissions is useful for the design, debug and pre-compliance testing of electronic devices. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to make EM scans with sufficient level of details/accuracy, speed and reasonable cost. Hence, I developed this solution to make high-resolution and fast 2D maps of RF EMI for PCBs and more.

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AI astronomy pictures processing ( Anglais)Informatique - 08-03-2019

AI astronomy pictures processing

Digital image processing can be used to remove noise and signal distortion from pictures. It is particularly useful for astronomy, as the details are faint and often blurry. The objective of this project is to define an artificial neural network (ANN) and train it with machine learning to take several noisy, convoluted astronomy pictures and output a single processed photograph.

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AI-powered digital signal processing ( Anglais)Informatique - 10-02-2019

AI-powered digital signal processing

Machine learning is fantastic to apply complex mathematical operations without being specifically programmed like in conventional algorithms. In this article, I share two artificial neural networks experiments related to digital signal processing (DSP): discrete Fourier transforms and signal corruption recovery.

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Interact PHP - comment system ( Anglais)Informatique - 17-08-2018

Interact PHP - comment system

Interact is a simple PHP open-source comment system that can be added to any website in minutes to improve interactivity and user's involvement. Client-side, it is very lightweight (<6KB CSS and JS combined) and intuitive (no logins, no cookies,...). Server-side, it is very easy to setup, manage and even customize to fit your needs.

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Getting started with RTL-SDR ( Anglais)Informatique - 24-07-2018

Getting started with RTL-SDR

Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a radio communication system where components that have been traditionally implemented in hardware are instead implemented by means of software. RTL-SDR is an extremely inexpensive way to start exploring, demodulating, decoding... about anything you could thing of in the VHF and UFH radio range. This article is a quick start guide with RTL-SDR to begin capturing and decoding signal on GNU/Linux, and two simple example projects.

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Gimbaled Model Rocket Simulator ( Anglais)Informatique - 08-05-2018

Gimbaled Model Rocket Simulator

Thrust vectoring is the ability of an aircraft, rocket, or other vehicle to manipulate the direction of the thrust from its motor in order to control the attitude of the vehicle. I started designing and building a model rocket with a gimbaled thrust system. Impulse is my open-source and cross-platform simulator for gimbaled thrust rockets that accurately simulates the rocket's physics.

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ElectroDB - Android app ( Anglais)Informatique - 14-10-2017

ElectroDB - Android app

ElectroDB is a powerful, offline Android app I created for electronics enthousiasts like me. With its 12000+ (and growing) components database, you will find all the information you need to complete your electronic projects in less time. In this article, I showcase my app, and go into more technical details on the inner working.

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My personal Website ( Anglais)Informatique - 08-01-2017

My personal Website

In this article, I will be describing some interesting technical choices I have made for the creation of my personal website (the website you are currently browsing). As it is a dynamic website that was built with several frameworks but no database for security reasons, there are several unsual choices that affects I will be describing.

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Simply Appear ( Anglais)Informatique - 07-01-2017

Simply Appear

Simply Appear is an extremely lightweight native Javascript and CSS framework to handle apparition animations. It is easy to implement and include basic animations. As it does not use jQuery, it is lightning fast and weights less than 2KB!

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Website for ALC ( Anglais)Informatique - 05-01-2017

Website for ALC

This project describes the technologies, framework and processes to design the new website of a French law practice situated in Orléans. It is a responsive, accessible, static, showcase website that I fully created from scratch.

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